Outdoor Journeys

The Main Theatre is closed during the times these Tours take place on both Friday & Saturday so you won't miss any Main Stage Presentations by going on these Journeys. The only exception is the Sunday Michael Jaco Journey we have just added on Sunday from 2:00-4:30.

FRIDAY JOURNEYS ARE FROM 12:00-2:30. Shuttles pick up at the event at 12:00 sharp and return by 2:30. SATURDAY JOURNEYS ARE FROM 1:30-4:00. Shuttles pick up at the event at 1:30 sharp and return by 4:00.

Friday Vortex Tour SOLD OUT

Virtex Tour

A Sedona Mystical Tour Spiritual Guide will take you on a sacred journey into a vortex site and tune you into the spiraling frequencies of the vortex. Within this high vibrational frequency, you will feel a greater sense of well-being, emotionally, mentally and physically. You will feel a profound sense of oneness as you connect into the heart of Mother Earth and into the heart of the Divine Source.

Friday Matt Kahn Journey AVAILABLE

Matt Kahn is an incomparable spiritual teacher, highly attuned empathic healer, powerful speaker, and captivating author. He enriches people’s lives by providing heart-centered solutions that ignite, delight, and unite! Matt will guide a heart-centered journey including meditation and love-inspired teachings at an outdoor venue with breathtaking red rock views.

Saturday Ascension Tour SOLD OUT

Ascension Tour

Michael Jaco is known as the Intuitive Warrior. He can open your mind to extremely powerful intuitive, spiritual, and cognitive abilities ESPECIALLY in the spiraling vortex of Sedona!  The high-frequency vibe of the vortex opens ascension portals within which spiritual gifts of expanded awareness ignite! Michael will tune you into the spiraling vortex fields to activate and expand your intuitive, psychic and cognitive powers. You will be elevated into states of higher consciousness giving you a greater sense of inner peace, ecstatic bliss and a feeling of oneness with all that is.

Saturday Transcendence Journey AVAILABLE

Transcendence Journey
MerKaBa Chakra
Matt Kahn Journey

A Sedona Mystical Tour Spiritual Guide will take you on a galactic journey into a powerful portal. Through guided ascension visualization using sound vibration and special mantras, you will ascend into a higher dimensional state of awareness. You will connect into higher planes of reality by projecting your consciousness through your third eye. By penetrating the veils, you will merge with higher consciousness.

Saturday Michael Jaco Journey SOLD OUT

Sunday Michael Jaco Journey 2:00-4:30 AVAILABLE

Michael Jaco Journey


On this, and on all the outdoor journeys, you will be led into a powerful vortex site and tuned into the spiraling energy fields of Sedona called vortices. This spinning energy acts like a corkscrew unraveling your 3D limitations and spiraling you up into much higher levels of unlimited possibilities. Your consciousness expands into higher dimensional realms that vibrate at a much higher frequency.

Sedona is a powerful portal on the planet that is highly conducive to extraordinary spiritual experiences. You will take a quantum leap into cosmic consciousness, and even universal consciousness, that gives you access to highly advanced knowledge, wisdom and mysticism. This will allow you to serve your own personal mission in a much greater capacity with access to extraordinary gifts, skills and abilities.


With the advanced spiritual practices we guide you through to activate your MerKaBa and ignite dormant DNA, you will be initiated into the higher consciousness levels of the upper etheric chakras. By going beyond the seven embodied chakras, you expand beyond the 3D spectrum of perception, transition through the 4D astral plane and transcend into the next higher dimensional plane. This gives you the ability to perceive the 5D spectrum of light and be upleveled into 5D conscious awareness.

Tours to permitted sites led by Guides licensed by the Coconino National Forest & SMSA through Sedona Mystical Tours.
UFO SkyWatch on both Friday & Sunday are SOLD OUT.
UFO SkyWatch

John Polk is the author of "Yahweh, the Biblical God, is an Alien" and "Blue Beings at the UFO Conference". He is an E.T. Contactee who has the unique and rare ability to telepathically communicate with crafts and beings in the night sky. He can call them in, ask them to Power Up and Blink Out and they come and comply! He offers night vision goggles and lasers so you can see and spot the craft clearly in the night sky. You will see multiple crafts and it will blow your mind! Here's one of many photos he has captured.