Speaker Bios & Presentations

Suzanne Ross

Suzanne will be guiding an Opening Ceremony welcoming all and giving an overview of the event. She will acknowledge the team and guide an opening prayer. She will also offer a presentation focused on Transcending the 3D Matrix and Ascending into 5D Consciousness. She will explore the importance of tuning into Cosmic Consciousness for guidance on our ascension journey. Suzanne has personally benefited from connecting with beings in higher realms who are much more advanced and evolved. Becoming part of the greater galactic community is key to the 5D New Earth experience.

Suzanne Ross

Linda Moulton Howe


Brains to Galaxies: The Key Is Frequencies: Emmy and Peabody honored investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe, Reporter and Editor of the award-winning Earthfiles news website and weekly YouTube Channel broadcasts will explore how organic microtubules in the  human brain are likely vibrating with the same cosmic fabric that entangles stars and galaxies in the thought that dwells in the light.

Darryl Anka Channels Bashar

Darryl will channel Bashar bringing through the knowledge and wisdom that is most beneficial and relevant to the audience at the time.

bashar pic

William Henry


William Henry brings to life the ancient stories of ascension through art and gnostic texts, he teaches the secrets of soul transfiguration or metamorphosis and connects people to one another across cultures, time and space. With over 30 years of research distilled into 18 books and numerous video presentations, William's work will guide you to next level of human consciousness and our expanding reality. William's present work has taken him into the area of transhumanism, which he first began writing about in his 2002 bestseller, Cloak of the Illuminati. His latest book, The Skingularity Is Near: The Next Human, the Perfect Rainbow Light Body and the Technology of Human Transcendence is a primer and a warning for the looming potential transformation of humanity as we speed closer to meshing computer technology with human flesh. William discusses transhumanism as the fulfillment of an ancient impulse to transcend our human bodies.

Anita Moorjani

The Day I Died

During this Keynote, Anita will relay in detail to the audience what she experienced during the 30-hour coma where she felt she had entered another realm, and speak in detail her sense of timelessness, her encounters with her deceased loved ones, the tapestry of life that connects us all, and most importantly, what it was that finally saved her life and brought her back from death’s door. Anita’s riveting speech will inspire you to transform your life by living more authentically, discovering your greatest passions, transcending your deepest fears, and living from a place of pure joy.  Her true story will radically alter your current beliefs about yourself, your purpose on earth, your health, your relationships, and your life!


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Matt Kahn

How Empaths Ascend

What if the path of ascension is not just one singular path? How is it different for those who are energetically or emotionally-sensitive? Is it possible to experience profound relief and emotional freedom by not getting lost in paths or processes you may have already experienced in past lifetimes? These questions and more will be answered as Best-Selling Author and Intuitive Empathic Healer, Matt Kahn shares the 5D way for how empaths ascend.


During Matt's group healing experience, you will become clear on the path your soul is on without cycling in endless ups and downs or constant inner work:

  • Learn the steps you can take to transform your path of ascension with clarity, ease, and joy
  • Experience the elation, resonance, and liberation of true soul remembrance
  • Refine your ability to navigate our ascending world without fear, judgment, or taking on other people's energy.
  • If you are ready to transform your path of ascension with grace, humility, and love, then please join this exploration of how empaths ascend.
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Suzanne Giesemann


Finding Our Way Home*

What if the way to ascension was assured and much simpler than you ever imagined? Join retired US Navy Commander Suzanne Giesemann as she shares why you cannot fail to awaken. Coming to know your true nature means coming to know that you are already whole and complete.

This truth forms the foundation of Suzanne’s teaching and is supported by remarkable no-other-explanation stories of verifiable connections with higher consciousness which guide, heal, and change lives. Along with developing proven techniques for making this connection in awareness, Suzanne’s own experiences of losing a stepchild and overcoming life’s challenges provide an assurance that awakening is freely available to all of us.

Life is not always easy, but it can be joyful if we know the truth about who we really are. Peace and contentment are already within us, each one of us. Finding our way back to that unshakeable reality means coming to know ~ and to experience ~ that we are so very loved and cherished. And we are always Home.


Mark Anthony

It’s Not Hocus Pocus: The Science of Spirit Contact and Interdimensional Communication

Since the dawn of history people have believed in an afterlife and spirit communication. Are these merely a matter of faith, or is there a scientific basis for the existence of afterlife, the soul and ability to communicate with spirits? This entertaining, educational, and uplifting presentation by Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer® author of the best-selling books The Afterlife Frequency, Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go is for anyone who has wondered if there truly is life beyond physical death. Mark will remove the fear and superstition surrounding Interdimensional Communication with spirits by demonstrating how it is based on sound scientific principles and human physiology. Using the latest developments in Quantum Physics Mark will take the audience on a mystical yet logical and uplifting journey into the Science of the Afterlife. This event is for all people of all faiths and anyone interested in learning more about “what happens when we die.”

Mark Anthony

Rob A. Gentile


Into the Ethereal

Rob A. Gentile, bestselling author of Quarks of Light, A Near-Death Experience, shares his two NDE’s following a massive heart attack. The first NDE was the night he died and flat-lined for more than twenty minutes. After he awoke from a four-day coma, his heart was destroyed and the only chance for survival was a heart-transplant. On his journey to heart-transplant, he was close to death again, and entered what he describes as “The Ethereal”, an in-between place where the veil was lifted just enough to enter the spiritual realm. He found himself inside a shapeless, formless vacuum of unending infinite vastness. He was everywhere at once, scattered across a timeless expanse and connected to the wisdom of the universe-all of it without words. He saw and simultaneously became part of a gigantic interactive web of twinkling lights covering the Earth and stretching into infinity. Curiously, some parts of the web were brighter, some dim. He later came to believe that this web represents a network that binds us all and is built upon quarks-the smallest building blocks of matter, and which are made of light. While in the Ethereal, he understood that each quark of light symbolized a life. He realized that if he hurt himself, he hurt everything connected to him, but if he loved, the light would spread.

Rob shares his journey and provides a roadmap for overcoming adversity, discovering your true identity, and connecting to the Universal language of love and light.

Maureen St Germain

Mastering Your 5D Self: Tools to Create a New Reality: Maureen reveals how you no longer need to “heal” emotional wounds to be fifth dimensional and shares practices to transform and transmute emotions instantly. Explores many spiritual tools and transformative shortcuts, such as activating meditations, sound healing, and crystals, along with channeled wisdom and advanced insights from angels and other higher beings. Shares meditations to clear out old emotional wounds, activate the pineal gland, manifest with crystals, discover your sixth sense, and open yourself to communication with higher intelligence, as well as a new chakra meditation based on the Divine Feminine spiral.


Joy Kingsborough

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Joy Kingsborough will present a Channeled Energy Session & Channeled Transmission
Joy, channeling Jonah, will lead us in a transformative journey with a Guided Energy Session and Channeled Transmission. This will be a powerful experience designed to unlock your inner potential and accelerate your healing and creation process. Joy will lead you through a deep exploration of energy, guiding you to tap into your unique codes for healing and manifestation. Through a profound connection with universal energies, you'll receive channeled transmissions that empower and inspire you to unlock your true potential. This session is a sacred space where your intentions become reality, as you harness the power of energy and divine wisdom to create the life you desire. Join us for this extraordinary talk and elevate your personal growth and healing journey.

Sue Frederick

How to be a Mystic

Sue's journey to spiritual awakening began at the age of 29 with the death of her young husband to cancer in 1980 - followed closely by the death of her lifelong best girlfriend Crissie to Leukemia and her father to lung cancer. In each moment of devastation, Sue was taken on a journey to the divine realms with her departed. Each shared death experience was unique and showed her a different spiritual truth to carry forward. After decades of spiritual study including Unity Ministerial School, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sacred Numerology - Sue has helped thousands of clients shift into their soul's view to access wisdom, purpose and compassion. In her presentation, she'll share her three SDE's and the spiritual gems learned in each one that help us align with our higher selves and navigate these physical realms with love and compassion.


Alan Steinfeld


Alan Steinfeld’s Lecture: Other Ways of Knowing
Alan will talk about ways of making contact with the cosmic ‘others’ as it is outlined in his new book Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestial Existence. The particular focus of the talk will be on the relationship between UFOs/ETs, Consciousness and Quantum physics. The triangulation of these three factors will be considered in relationship to the principles put forth by the renown psychiatrist and contactee researcher Dr. John Mack. He declared in looking: “We're dealing with a phenomenon which violates our sense of reality, which operates in this gray area between the physical world and the subjective. We're being asked to prove this by the methods of physical science alone. But these methods, in my view, will not yield its secrets, until we discover other ways of knowing.” One of the other ways of knowing Mack implied was our ability to think beyond words, without naming things. This is what Carlos Castaneda referred to as abstract awareness. Applying this understanding of consciousness to the realm of quantum physics will show us how to: maintain conscious superposition; not collapse the wave function, and transverse the dimensions and realities that have confined us.

Shaun Swanson

"First ET Arrivals on Earth"

Learn how, when, and where first arrivals of our galactic soul family may unfold with us here on Earth. Shaun Swanson will cover each of these facets during this channeled presentation. The 'why' they are arriving will become apparent as the 'how, when, and where' connections are revealed. Learn what first arrivals can be like, what they won't be like, how you can be a part of them, and how we will know when they are going to begin happening.

Shaun Swanson

Reuben Langdon


Reuben will host the Galactic Ascension Panel with channelers, some of who have appeared on his hit TV show on Gaia TV, Interviews with E.D.'s. Reuben will also present a video and host a talk called "The Ancient Past, Ever-changing Future & Eternal Now."

Wendy Kennedy

Join Wendy as she channels the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective. During this talk, the guides will share their perspective on the importance of understanding the subtleties of the process of manifestation as well as simple shifts and actions to take to move through the ascension process with greater grace and ease.


Rob Gauthier

Rob G 2

Rob is a Channeler of multiple beings including Aridif, Metatron, Treb, the Nihal Collective and over 300 E.T. Consciousnesses. He will tune in and bring through the beings and messages most pertinent to the group at the time. He will also be teaching channeling during his indoor workshop and outdoor vortex journey.

Dr.'s J.J. & Desiree Hurtak


Brad Olsen


Brad Olsen & Suzanne Ross have produced a mind-expanding, soul-igniting series called ONE: Operation New Earth. This series shows how 13 sacred sites correlate with 13 constellations in the cosmos and align with the 13 chakras in the human auric field. They will show the first 2 episodes of this intriguing TV series. They describe the importance of consciously aligning our chakra system with these sacred sites and their correlating constellations in an effort to ignite the global 5D Grid for Ascension.

Meditation Guide

Tanjila Islam


Sound Journey Performer

John Dumas


Crystal Bowl Performer

Aurora Luna Star

Aurora Luna

Hoop Dance by Moontee Sinquah

Moontee's Sons, Scott & Sampson, Perform


Reuben Langdon & Suzanne Ross host a

Galactic Ascension Round Table

Linda Moulton Howe opens with the latest E.T./U.F.O. Intel

Guests: Rob Gauthier, Wendy Kennedy, Shaun Swanson, Deb Solaris & Viviane Chauvet


Reuben Langdon & Suzanne Ross will host a Galactic Round Table featuring some of the world's most well-known and trusted channelers who bring through highly advanced beings from much higher dimensions that gladly share their knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of humanity. The questions Reuben and Deb will ask the Galactics focus on Ascension from a Galactic perspective. The channelers will allow the beings they are channeling to come through with their insight!

Alan Steinfeld & Suzanne Ross host an

Ultra-Celestial Guest Panel

Anita Moorjani, Suzanne Giesemann, Rob Gentile, Mark Anthony & the Hurtaks

Alan Steinfeld & Suzanne Ross host an Ultra-Celestial Guest Panel including some of the world's most well-known NDE'rs who have extraordinary stories about what they experienced on the other side and how it has impacted their lives. Their lives were all dramatically altered as they turned toward dedicating their lives to inspiring, enlightening and empowering others. This panel also features those who have contacted the other side and communicated with beings in Ultra-Celestial realms.



Amanda Romania

Amanda Pic

Join Amanda Romania to learn and gain insight into the Akashic Records and remote view into the Library of Light that contains the Akashic Records of the Life Between Lives.

You will be able to observe the dimensions between the worlds and the journey of the soul after it transitions from this Earth plane and shifts into the area between, where the soul can access great knowledge and healing.

This dimension hosts the Akashic Records of our karma and galactic soul missions and even the Akashic Records connected to our Earth soul path choices.

This will be an exciting and activating workshop where Amanda will bring insight and guide you through her Akashic Therapy regression to guide you through these higher dimensional realms.

Debbie Solaris

Extraterrestrial Galactic History and its Impact on Earth Human Development

Many awakening humans are now gaining an understanding that planet Earth has a much more complex and older history than previously thought. It is my understanding from accessing the Galactic Akashic Records for the past several years that there were a number of various extraterrestrial groups (it is said at least 22 different ET races!) who, many millions of years ago, wanted to start an experiment on Earth to see if they could take the templates and DNA that have worked so well in the other star systems in our Galaxy, like the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, and Arcturus, and apply those same principles in a more condensed environment on Earth.

Earth is known as the Living Library, so Earth was more or less meant to be an experimentation ground for these spiritual concepts to come into being and played out on a much smaller scale. So, if Earth was a mix of these various extraterrestrial races and genetics, it would make sense that the history and cultures of these cosmic civilizations would have an inherent effect on the history and culture on Earth, as well as the individuals incarnating on this planet, either directly or indirectly.

The ET races that have likely seeded various genetics and DNA on Earth include: Lyra/Vega, Antares, Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius (A, B, & C), Procyon, Pleiades, Hyades, Aldebaran, Draco, Orion, Zeta Reticuli, Pegasus, Cassiopeia, Alpha Centauri, Beta Centauri (Hadar), Venus, Maldek/Mars, Apollonia, Pvila, Orion Nebula, Tau Ceti, and likely many more. During this presentation, I will be discussing several of these races of beings and their history, culture and impact on Earth.

Debbie Solaris Pic

Isabella Greene


Learn the practices that will help improve your present-day life, reclaim your soul sovereignty and assist in getting out of the reincarnation cycle.  Author of “LEAVING THE TRAP: How to Exit the Reincarnation Cycle”, Isabella Greene has been exploring the afterlife realm through astral projecting, near-death experiences and through observing transitioning souls, since she was 17. In the recent decade she has been practicing out-of-body travel that takes us past the afterlife dimension, and liberates the soul from the reincarnation trap. In this interactive workshop Isabella will share the knowledge she has obtained and teach the practices she intimately knows, to help you alleviate the fear of death, and to find out what is possible beyond the reincarnation cycle.

Viviane Chauvet

Intergalactic DNA Ancestry - Arcturian 13th Dimension Realm

As a multi-faceted template, the DNA structure carries several reconnective points with stellar genetic markers. Those markers refer to the intergalactic DNA ancestry. The Arcturians teach us that we are the essence of the Prime Creator’s Love-Light spectrum expressed as multi-dimensional fractals of Light. Those fractals weave the Soul's blueprint, your Soul Design's foundation in this lifetime. We will open sacred space with an ancient Peruvian prayer and explore the Arcturian 13th Dimension Realm. Are you ready to journey to Arcturus 13th Dimensional System? You will receive a transmission of Arcturus Light Codes as holographic geometric patterns for DNA regeneration, Quantum consciousness elevation, body template restoration, Love-Light alignment, and higher awareness of I AM - Pure Presence. The new affirmation is "Strength is my Light!” Join us for a celestial journey as we celebrate our star ancestry!


Viviane Chauvet

Melissa Feick

Melissa Feick

Accessing the Galactic Akasha

Manifesting in the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field

Learn how to utilize the power of the new paradigm of creation from the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field. This creation is the cornerstone for you to experience your multidimensional self. You will build a new energy grid of change to activate your soul alignment and heart wisdom. Learn about your Star Code of Creation and what it truly means to experience 5D/Instantaneous creation from the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field.